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We are here to create environments that ignite Children's innate sense of leadership.


Then through our network of skilled Professionals we give the Youth hands-on learning opportunities to grow in their favorite creations!

CLU stands for Children Lead Us and this is a media network curated by youth around the world! This is one of the first initiatives at Natural Leaders Foundation that was created for children, by children.

ps. We are currently seeking volunteers to support us in up-keeping the Youtube and IG pages.


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Education is in a time of rapid redefinition and we plan to play a catalyzing role in bridging the gap between student and teacher; children and their communities.

#BEAUTIFYOURLIVES is an initiative that supports turning the creative imaginations of today into actualized solutions of tomorrow.

What Would Beautify Your Life? Some of the answers we hear, " I want a garden," "My friends & family to be safe, no more fighting." "Better Cafeteria Food PLEASE!" "I want all the animals to be safe!" This question is a staple and the heart of the #Beautifyourlives movement.

Why? Simple. The children of today are the answered prayers of tomorrow. Let's Step Up to Support Our Young, Rising Elders.

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Up-Coming Gatherings

02/14-23/2020     Envision Festival Costa, Rica

3/19-24/2020 BEAUTIFY OUR LIVES - Lago Atitlane, Guatemala

4/9-13/2020 BEAUTIFY OUR LIVES - San Juan, Honduras

4/23-27/2020 BEAUTIFY OUR LIVES - Omotepe, Nicaragua

5/14-22/2020 BEAUTIFY OUR LIVES - Pucallpa, Peru

6/10-18/2020 BEAUTIFY OUR LIVES - Sacred Valley, Peru


Meet The Team.

We are a growing community that is here to Love, Serve & Support ourselves first, so that we may be living examples for each and every child we meet. We are inspired to bring children & the "grown-ups" in their lives wisdom-rich, immersive experiences that encourage social/emotional intelligence, creative thinking, and intuitive awareness. We know self-love is equally as important as community love and we also have some wild ideas about the ripple effect. 

Our core principles and workshops are all rooted in learnings we have been honored to receive through Indigenous traditions. We all come from very different bloodlines, yet have found ourselves all adopted into the Chata Muskogee Yamassee Nation. A Nation that is holding the space to gather tribal nations globally for the embetterment of all life.

Get to know us more below!


A Big Shout-out Our Sponsors, Collaborators...


and all the fam globally that makes the work we share possible.


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