Make way for educators of color & skilled professionals -

Rewrite the Classroom.

We are here to amplify voices that have been systematically muted & even the playing field.

We are here to build platforms for role models who feel inspired to make a way for all

well-intentioned humans-in-service to be able to be equally seen, heard & honored

for their knowledge, wisdom & innate leadership skills.

We are dedicated to using this platform to completely rewrite all oppressive stereotypes-

we are here to go beyond equality... here to right the wrongs through

practically applied equity.

Let's do this together, put your donation to work for generations to come. 

Each $25 donation sponsors one 30 minute lecture from an educator-in-need, on the rise.

Join Us in Bridging the Gap!

Are you an educator, trained professional or facilitator in search of a way to directly support & uplift humanity?

Have you hosted workshops on location with us before?

We are now building an online portal to share resources with rising youth & families

of overlooked communities...

Share your gifts & join the movement to begin 'bridging the gap' for coming generations. 

Featured Educators & Facilitators become a part of our growing global family, plus receive a small gift of appreciation & complimentary access to all future #NaturalLeaders trainings, community gatherings and service immersions. Plus more!



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*Holistic Wellness - Trauma Recovery - Permaculture & Regenerative Living - Meditation for all Ages  - Financial Awareness - Indigenous history & tradition - Yoga -  Plant Based Living - Dance - Music - Creative Development - Birthwork - Post-partum Care - Leadership - Breathwork - Alternative Therapies - Self-Care & Growth (anything related to these fields welcome)

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